Cliffhanger: Top 10 outdoor challenges

Cliffhanger caving
Cliffhanger caving

Get in the spirit of next month’s Commonwealth Games by completing Cliffhanger’s very own Decathlon.

Ten challenges for you and your family. A point for every activity you try with added bonus points for effort and flair!

1. Power Up A Tower: Can you make it to the top of one of our mobile climbing walls?

2. Crag X Pull-Up Machine: CragX will be running their annual ‘pull up’ competition at its marquee. How many pull-ups can you manage in 1 minute? No cheating!

3. Bike Racing: Hit maximum power on the Watt Bike Racing stand then make your way over to the Edinburgh Bike Co-Operative’s two-wheeled smoothie machine for pedal-powered refreshments.

4. Disc-Golf Dunk: Like ball golf, the object is to complete each hole in as few shots as possible by landing the flying disc in the elevated basket. Bonus points for a ‘hole in one’.

5. Dancing on Ice: Relive the Winter Olympics on Ice Sheffield’s portable ice rink. PS It’s symthetic ice - it is mid summer after all!.

6. Orienteering Maze: Always one of our most popular activities, South Yorkshire Orienteers’ specially built labyrinth tests your speed AND your map reading skills.

7. Go Underground: Wriggle through Derbyshire Caving Association’s artificial cave system – can you make it out the other side?
8. Slackline: We’ll be impressed if you can make it from one end of the line to another. Give yourself a point for every second you stay upright.

9. Skateboard School: Watch the experts at the skate park then try out your own tricks with friends and family as your judging panel.

10. FreeDrop Tower: Are you daredevil enough to plunge 5 metres from the freedrop tower? Extra bonus points if you can do a front flip.