Favourite Things: Interior designer takes city as her inspiration

The Cutting Edge outside Sheffield station
The Cutting Edge outside Sheffield station

The influence of Julie Bradbury is felt across the region. Her interior design expertise is a central feature in private homes, businesses and even Sheffield’s historic Cutlers’ Hall. Things have come a long way for her business that was originally run from the back room of a pub in the 1980s. These days Julie Bradbury Designs operates from a Langsett Road South studio and workshop in Oughti-bridge. The company also manufactures its own blinds and soft furnishings.

However, life could have turned out very differently. Her first job was as part of the team that launched Radio Hallam in the late 1970s. But it was a passion for interior design that persuaded her to go it alone and this year she celebrates 25 years of running Julie Bradbury Designs. When Julie Bradbury’s not working inside other people’s homes she’s sorting out her own. Julie lives in the Brightholmlee area of Sheffield with husband Gordon.

Interior designer Julie Bradbury on the steps inside Cutler's Hall, which is one of her favourite things about Sheffield. Picture: Andrew Roe

Interior designer Julie Bradbury on the steps inside Cutler's Hall, which is one of her favourite things about Sheffield. Picture: Andrew Roe


When people talk about Sheffield’s countryside there’s a tendency to veer towards the Peak District. From my kitchen window I’m lucky enough to have a view towards Bradfield, Bolsterstone and Wharncliffe Crags. It’s absolutely beautiful. Last year the rest of the country got to see the beauty of the area via the Tour de France. It really takes a lot of beating.

Hope Valley Car Boot Sale

But that’s not to say I’m not drawn to the Peak District. You’ll regularly find us at Hope Valley Car Boot Sale on a Sunday morning. It’s wonderful. You can pick up some fabulous stuff. I love fusing different styles and periods together and I regularly pick up things here. I bought a print in a battered frame recently for £8. When I got it home and took the back off I found it was a rare J Herman Haig etching valued at substantially more than I paid!

Greenhead House

This has to be one of the most consistent restaurants I’ve ever visited and their attention to detail is legendary. We go about three times a year. My parents first introduced it to me 30 years ago. We always look forward to it, not only to the food but also to have a good catch-up with Anne the proprietor.

Family and Friends

We lost our youngest son, Daly, to epilepsy in April 2014. It’s impossible to put a price on the support provided by our grandchildren, nephews, nieces and friends. We’ve been surrounded by their love and there’s hardly a weekend that passes when we’re not congregated in the kitchen for a meal.

Sheffield the

welcoming city

The transformation of the entrance to Sheffield as you come out of the Midland Station is truly breathtaking. It was once dour and unappealing but these days it’s a gateway worthy of England’s fourth largest city.

Wortley Arms

Without a doubt one of the area’s best pubs. It retains a lovely country pub style and offers wonderful food courtesy of Andy Gabbitas. I can also recommend his outside catering!

38 Signal Regiment,

Manor Top

My late father, Derrick Sivell, was heavily involved with the regiment. I have such fond memories of children’s Christmas parties and the best Bonfire Nights ever!

Sheffield Flood

I find the Sheffield Flood of 1864 fascinating in a number of ways. I first got interested in it at school. In fact I became so hooked I’d spend up to three nights a week in the Local Studies Library on Surrey Street researching it. My interest paid off. I got the top score in our year for history at Bradfield School! But I also think it demonstrates Sheffield’s ability to not always playing to its strengths. This was one of the country’s biggest disasters and we hardly make anything of it. I really think there should be more to commemorate it. It should be a big tourism draw for Sheffield.


If we’re staying local we regularly visit Julio’s on Langsett Road South. Pizzas to die for! It’s also bang next to our showroom so perfect for dinnertime as well!

textile artist

Isabel Blincow

I first met Isabel when I worked at Radio Hallam in 1974. Her husband Graham was the company secretary and over the years I’ve admired and been inspired by her work. We had a 40-year Radio Hallam reunion this last October and I was lucky to meet up with her and Graham again.

Cutlers’ Hall

A beautiful building with an equally beautiful interior. Its history stretches back to 1638 though the present building dates from 1832. It never fails to impress me and runs like clockwork thanks to George Kilburn and his staff.