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Gordon Ramsay - Food for Thought
Gordon Ramsay - Food for Thought

Sheffield’s Gordon Ramsay is a former architect turned TV producer, who now writes crime novels – his first book, Have A Nice Day, is published this week by Solopreneur. Gordon, 81, is married to Moira and has a son, a daughter and three grandchildren.

Are you a cook?
No, despite the name, the best I can offer is a pretty mean omelette! My namesake did invite me for a cook-along on his Channel 4 show, but I declined.

Any cooking tips?
Yes, marry someone who’s a brilliant cook, then just sit back and enjoy the results.

What’s your favourite dish?
Can’t really decide between steak au poivre, lobster thermidor and Dover sole.

And a drink to go with it?
A nice burgundy or Rioja with the steak and Macon or Chenin blanc with the fish... not forgetting coffee and brandy afterwards.

Your favourite restaurant in the Sheffield area?
Milanos, Rossis, Dore Grill, Dore Moor Inn, RisingSun...

And pub?
The Prince of Wales in Ecclesall Road South – it’s on the end of the block built by my grandfather.

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?
Frankly, I can’t actually remember a bad meal.

And the best?
A tie between Joe’s Stone Crab house or Sunday brunch at the Fontainbleu Hilton, both in Miami.

Your favourite TV cook?
Despite the name, it’s got to be Keith Floyd.

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?
Absolutely tremendous. There can’t be any style of cooking you can’t find in this city and its surroundings.