Can’t sell? Find out how to let

Crucible Homes shopfront, Campo Lane
Crucible Homes shopfront, Campo Lane

What can you do if you’re desperate to sell your home but don’t want to take a hit by selling in today’s depressed market?

What if your home is worth less than your mortgage? What if you simply can’t sell it?

Letting it out to tenants could be an alternative. You could become one of the growing army of so-called ‘reluctant’ landlords who are renting out their own homes in order to buy or rent somewhere else.

Letting out your property can sometimes appear to be a daunting task with so many things that need to be sorted out, for example, how much rent can I get? How do I make my property rental friendly? What’s a tenancy agreement? Who does the repairs? How do I do an inventory? Do I take a bond?

At Crucible we appreciate that landlords may have very different requirements. So we understand that it is important to provide an informative and flexible service to meet landlords’ needs.

Our latest aid to landlords is our easy-to-read Letting your Property Guide. This has been produced in conjunction with local landlords to give a step-by-step, informative guide to letting out your property. It includes ‘a route to a successful let’, ‘preparing your property’, information on ‘finding the right tenant’, ‘managing the tenancy’ and lots of other useful information including a handy planning check list.

Our Letting Your Property Guide is available free of charge from our Campo Lane office or can be downloaded from our website at

We also commit to finding you a tenant within 14 days. If we are unable to agree a let within 14 days of your signed instruction, we halve your agreed management fee for a whole six months!*

If you would like a FREE, no obligation rental valuation or simply to chat further about renting your property out, please contact us on 0114 241 3430.

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