SLIDESHOW: Full Throttle

A ‘mind-blowing’ display of motorcycle trials kept thousands of spectators spellbound.

Daredevils from across the world competed to ride their machines over obstacles – including massive footballs in the colours of Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday – as well as over the top of four Mercedes vans without putting their feet down.

Crowds cheered on the adrenalin-packed action at the World’s Number One Indoor Motorcycle Trials, the longest show to be continually run at the city’s Motorpoint Arena after 19 years in business.
Organiser Neil Crosswaite said: “It was a very good night and we had 5,000 people in the audience.
“The trials are still a sport, not just a show, but it is mind-blowing. 
“The riders go up obstacles that are seven or eight feet high – you wouldn’t think that it could be done on a motorcycle.
“There are only half a dozen people in the world who can do it properly.”

The Sheffield trials were created by Neil and friend Martin Lampkin, father to 12 times world champion Dougie Lampkin and a former competitor himself.

Riders travelled from Spain and Japan to take part at the official FIM World Indoor XTrial Championship on Saturday while there was also a lot of support for British rider James Dabill.

Neil added: “We are Sheffield Arena’s longest continually run event. 
“Indoor motorcycle trials have been going for 25 years, it is a sport that started in Spain. 
“We decided that nobody was going to do it in England unless we did and it’s been very successful.

“This year we had the world champion, who is Spanish, a Japanese rider and a couple of local lads including ex-British champion James Dabill who lives between Sheffield and Barnsley.

“There was a lot of support for him but people also came to see the best in the world.

“It is a real spectacle to see.”