Toy tester job is child’s play

Toy Tester search launch at Meadowhall shopping centre.
Toy Tester search launch at Meadowhall shopping centre.
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The dream job for any child is to become reality for one lucky South Yorkshire youngster who will be employed to test the newest gadgets during the summer holidays - and be paid in toys.

Meadowhall Shopping Centre is looking for pre-teen applicants for the exciting post of Toy Quality Control Analyst.

The successful candidate has to have been born after 1999 and have extensive toy-playing experience. The ‘salary’ is the opportunity to keep the mix of new toys and traditional favourites they will be testing an hour a week over the summer holidays.

Meadowhall centre director Darren Pearce said one of the main purposes of the role was to conduct market research on the latest toys well before the Christmas stampede.

He said: “This is about going back to the kids and asking them what they want, so we decided to recruit a toy tester and ask them for their opinions on toys.

“We’re going to be going through quite a rigorous recruitment process, as we want to find the right candidate.

“They will need to test toys all the way through the summer holidays and also write an online blog about what they really think, rating the toys from ‘awesome’ to ‘boring’, or ‘cool’ to ‘uncool’, using the sort of language that kids will relate to.

“They’ll be in every week, testing a whole variety of toys. I think it’s something lots of kids will want to get involved with – what better than spending an hour a week playing with all the latest toys? We are expecting a lot of applications.”

A Meadowhall spokesman added: “This is a very important role and candidates must show the right qualities to be successful.

“They must be prepared to handle bursts of intense fun and play.

“Desirable skills include inquisitiveness, dedication, thoroughness and attention to detail. A sense of humour is a must.

“Applicants will be required to have extensive experience in playing with toys and Meadowhall requests that all candidates currently allocate at least an hour or two a day to playing.”

The child who wins the coveted role will then be asked to go to Meadowhall each week for six weeks, where they will be asked to cast their expert eye over a selection of the latest toys from the shopping centre’s retailers.

Interested kids have to fill in an application form while their parents give them a ‘reference’ telling Meadowhall bosses why their toy-mad offspring is the one for the job. ‘Interviews’ take place later this month.

There will also be a story and pictures updated each week on websites such as YouTube, allowing people across the world to view the toy tester’s recommendations.