300 march to protest at NHS shake-up plans

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MORE than 300 people marched from Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital to the Town Hall in protest against Government plans to shake up the NHS.

A rally by the Save the NHS group in the city centre was addressed by a variety of speakers, including GPs, trade unionists and medical students.

A parallel protest by a group called UK Uncut saw a group of around 30 protesters occupying the HSBC branch in Fargate for an hour.

The occupiers made speeches, sang songs and staged performances for passing shoppers as part of joint action taking place in over 30 other towns and cities.

Main speaker at the Town Hall rally was Richard Watton, a GP who works on the Manor, who warned changes included in the current Government bill threatened to alter the whole character of the service.

Green party councillor Jillian Creasy, herself a GP, also spoke at the rally.

Her fellow councillor Rob Murphy added: “NHS privatisation is creating a two-tier system where private patients will jump the queue ahead of less profitable NHS patients.”

“We are also supporting UK Uncut which takes a clear message to our high streets that massive cuts are not necessary if rich individuals, bankers and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. It’s important people continue to support these actions which put people before profit.”