Arctic Monkeys are back on home ground - with relish

Arctic Monkeys playing the Sheffield Arena
Arctic Monkeys playing the Sheffield Arena
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So, who has a customised Arctic Monkeys bottle of Hendo’s?

If you picked up one of these instant collectables of Henderson’s Relish at Sheffield Arena on Monday night, hang on to it.

Not just for the rarity value - it will also serve as a permanent memory of what will probably prove to be the gig of the year.

General impression afterwards was that the lads from High Green had, in modern parlance, absolutely nailed it.

Except with an added expletive.

There seems to be an expectation these days that bands playing arena and stadium shows are somehow duty bound to serve up crowd-pleasing sets of greatest hits.

But it wasn’t always the case.

Go see the Stones in ‘72, Bowie in ‘76 or Pulp in ‘96, and you’d hope to hear generous helpings of Exile On Main Street, Station To Station and Different Class.

So it is with the Arctics, a band in 2013 at the height of their powers.

This show sees them play the majority of fifth album AM - and the new material is the most thrilling of the night.

Starting with a slinky, snarling Do I Wanna Know?, moving on through Fireside, Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High? and finishing with R U Mine?, this is a band dripping with confidence.

Next single One For The Road is another highlight, while Arabella leaves the recorded version far behind.

Alex Turner doesn’t overdo the hometown reunion bit and generally lets the music speak for itself. True, there are plenty of old favourites too - Cornerstone is better than ever, while Reckless Serenade and the ‘ballad version’ of Mardy Bum are both gorgeous.

But this is a band of today, of now - and who knows what peaks they have yet to scale?