ARTS UPDATE: End in sight for artist

ARTIST Stephen Carley is nearing the completion of his year-long series of installations, 12X12, a project which has seen all manner of things being used in the name of art - dust, ashes, water, ice, blackboard and chalk, chocolate, liqourice.

The last piece, Three Little Words, was based on phrases consisting of just that (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, for example) which were set out in dust, wet clay and most intriguingly, water (the miniscus holding the shape of the letters).

Part nine is a fringe event of the current Art Sheffield 2010, Life: A User's Manual which he describes as "field studies happening on the streets" which have been posted on his website. 12X12X10 comprises an article on Stephen Carley's practice by Andrea Hadley Johnson, Curator at Derby Museum and Art Gallery, in international arts journal Artsfracture.

The penultimate part, 12X12X11, takes place this weekend with an installation called Talk to Me at his studio in Valley Road, Heeley. "Again, it focuses on phrases, this time imaginary questions and answers between two friends, or lovers, or total strangers," explains the artist. "There is a playfulness and humour to the exchanges."

Familiar Carley materials will be utilised - wet clay, blackboards and chalk, as well as 'tagged' school desks and embroidered kitchen towels. Gordon Works studio is open to the public between 11am and 3pm on both Saturday and the Sunday.

Digital art showcase

OPENING this Friday at the Workstation Gallery as part of the Sensoria Festival is Template, an exhibition demonstrating current tendencies in visual media by artists working in the fields of digital music, generative art and graphic design.

The collection of 16 high quality fine art prints and eight digital photo frames features a cross-section of internationally-respected digital artists including Fehler, David Lu, Alex Peverett, Qubik, Steinbrchel, Miriam Magdalena Tetzlaff, Toko, Young Na Kim, Alorenz, Dextro, Mark Fell, Tina Frank, Nicholas Kove, Lia/Miguel Carvalhais/Miguel Tudela, and Fairchild Semiconductor.

Template is curated by Joe Gilmore and Christopher Murphy and presented by the Sheffield based digital arts organisation Lovebytes and runs until May 19. For more information see

Inspiration search

AS they start practical work on a new show What I Heard About The World, Sheffield's Third Angel are on the look-out for stories, thoughts, and anecdotes that respond to the starting point for the show.

The collaboration with Portuguese company mala voadora will culminate in a performance at the Crucible Studio in October.

"We're looking for instances where a replica, substitute, simulation or stand-in is used knowingly, in place of the real thing," says artistic director Alexander Kelly. He is thinking of alternatives which are different from the original but might in the long term replace it.

"My instinct tells me that this is not a good thing but of course research so far has thrown up several examples of instances when this is a really positive thing."

Third Angel will be sharing their research and inviting more contributions at festivals in Glasgow and Oldenburg, Germany, this month and at Sheffield Theatres' Forge Festival on May 29.

Thoughts and stories can be emailed to or posted on his blog.

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