Beautiful Rose set to blossom

Rose RSPCA Dog of the week
Rose RSPCA Dog of the week

A ROSE by any other name would be as sweet.

But, much like a flower, this Yorkshire Rose needs somewhere to blossom.

Rose is currently in the care of the Sheffield RSPCA Animal Centre and is looking for a new home to call her own.

Care manager Tony Benham says: “Rose, a black Sharpei of around 15 months, is a charming dog who is aptly named.

“Much like growing flowers, if you want to see the best outcome and to enjoy your pets, you need to take good care of them.

“First, there are the basic needs that have to be met and then there is that bit of extra love that really helps them to come to fruition.

“We continually stress the five basic needs of pet ownership include somewhere suitable to live; a proper diet with easy access to fresh water; being allowed to express normal behaviour; being housed with or apart from other animals when appropriate, and protection from, and treatment of illness and injury.”

Tony added: “When Rose came to us she had a horrible itchy skin condition and very little hair for which she currently receives steroids and antihistamine.

“She was shy and was scared of people. We have given her some much-needed care and now she is blossoming and growing into a confident, bubbly dog.

“Rose will need some training. But it is something she loves and for which she has shown a real aptitude.

“She is a highly intelligent dog, she loves to play in the compound and we believe Rose would be fine with confident children over 13 who can even help to continue her training as a family.

“We have found she is generally good with other dogs, although she does get excitable around them.

“She has never been around cats but this could be tested if there was a potential owner who had cats.

“Rose needs two 30 to 45 minute walks a day, with plenty of playtime and training in between.”

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