Bryan biking to Budapest

Bryan Hopkins
Bryan Hopkins

BRYAN Hopkins is preparing to cycle to work from Sheffield ... to Hungary.

He will set out next month on a 1,000 mile two-week ride to his office in Budapest, where he works for the training department of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, to raise money to help victims of the civil unrest in Syria. The UNHCR is working in Lebanon and Jordan to look after refugees until they can return home.

Bryan, who is currently working from home in Hunters Bar, is particularly interested in Syria because he and his wife, Helen, spent two weeks in 2010 travelling around the country, and were impressed by hospitality they were shown.

Aged 58, he did Land’s End to John O’Groats a few years ago. “I have always cycled around Sheffield and into the Peak District, but the length of this journey is unusual,” he said.

He has set up a fundraising website: