Sheffield dairy expands following university’s commitment

Dan & Ed Andrew of Our Cow Molly who will be supplying Sheffield Univeristy with all of their milk

Dan & Ed Andrew of Our Cow Molly who will be supplying Sheffield Univeristy with all of their milk


Business is booming down on the farm at Our Cow Molly – after the dairy won a bumper new contract with the University of Sheffield.

The dairy has been supplying a fraction of the university’s milk for the past year – but from September it will produce all its milk.

The boost has enabled the business to invest in a new £500,000 dairy which will see its maximum weekly milk output increase from 8,000 litres to 40,000 litres.

Our Cow Molly dairy farmer Ed Andrew said: “The majority of the university’s milk comes from cows in Yorkshire but it’s transported to London for pasteurising and bottling then transported back to Sheffield for distribution.

“This 400-mile round trip not only effects the taste of the milk, but it’s also damaging to the environment.

“It’s therefore a no-brainer for the uni to get its milk from our cows, grazing just three miles down the road. Our milk is pasteurised and bottled on site and can be delivered the very same day.”

Building work at the dairy’s site in Dungworth is under way and will finish in September.

Ed said: “Our record for filling bottles by hand is 200 an hour – the new machinery will fill one every two seconds, which will be very helpful when we’re producing millions of pints a year for the university alone.”

Ed added: “We’re the only remaining dairy farm in Sheffield that bottles its own milk, which is a great shame, but it’s support from local businesses like the university that will enable us to continue and further develop.”

Gavin Brown, commercial operations manager at the University of Sheffield, said: “We’re delighted to hear about the expansion of the Our Cow Molly dairy farm and we hope that many more of our students and staff can experience their produce.”

The new facility will also house a butter room where Our Cow Molly will churn the first made in Sheffield butter.

Ed said: “The new dairy is an investment for the next generation of our dairy farm.

“It will make a huge difference to the way we work with modern machinery and computers taking over many of the jobs we currently do by hand such as dating, labelling and filling the bottles.”

He added: “Every penny from the milk will remain in Sheffield so the university’s commitment will benefit many more local businesses than ours.”

Mr Brown added: “We’re really proud of our Yorkshire roots so we work hard to build relationships with local suppliers and support the city of Sheffield’s economy.”




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