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Sheffield road closures have been announced as Grand Prix cycle racing returns to the city hot on the heels of the Tour de France Grand Depart.

The 3rd Claremont Sheffield Grand Prix will race through the city centre tomorrow evening, Wednesday, July 23.

Motorists and travellers were today reminded there wil be some disruptions on the day, starting as early as 11am.

Roads along the route wil be closed from 5.15pm to 10.30pm and there will also be some bus stop changes. See full details below.

The 1.4-kilometre city centre circuit is described as fast with tight corners, starting near to the Crucible Theatre, with a cobbled climb up Norfolk Street and a long finishing straight back onto Pinstone Street.

The Sheffield Grand Prix is the penultimate round of the British Cycling Elite Circuit Race Series and will incorporate a 3rd and 4th category support race open to men and women riders.

Last year’s Sheffield Grand Prix winner Dean Downing, aged 39, from Rotherham, will be competing in his last ever race and large crowds are expected, boosted by the recent interest in the Tour de France.

“ The Sheffield Grand Prix was one of the best races of 2013. The atmosphere was amazing and as a local rider, the 2014 Sheffield Grand Prix is a massive goal for me,” said professional rider Dean, this year cycling for NFTO Pro Cycling.

A race spokesman said: “The evening will be full of action packed racing and provide a great nights entertainment both for the family and cycling fans. There is no charge to watch the racing unfold so please make your way down to the race village for a great night of elite level cycling including all the top domestic professional teams.”

Live commentary will start at 6.30pm and final presentations will be around 9.30pm. The event is officially partnering the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

VIDEO: Press the play button to see the British Cycling Events report from last years Sheffield Grand Prix.

YOUTUBE: Watch Sheffield Grand Prix 2013 highlights, 2014 reports and more on the from British Cycling Events You Tube Channel - CLICK HERE.

For more race details see the official web site at

ROAD CLOSURES: Wednesday, July 23, 2014

11am to 2pm:

Arundel Gate (from Furnival Square to Norfolk Street) – lane closure to one traffic lane for buses and cars.

5.15pm to 10.30pm:

Pinstone Street (towards Furnival Gate).

Pinstone Street (from Furnival Gate to Cross Burgess Street),

Furnival Gate, Arundel Gate (toward Norfolk Street),

Norfolk Street, Surrey Street (from junction of Norfolk Street towards Pinstone Street)

Leopold Street.

BUS STOP CHANGES: Wednesday, July 23, 2014

* (Service) 4, 6: (Destination) Darnall; (City centre stops being used) Eyre Street (ES2), Paternoster Row, Flat Street (FS1), Waingate (CG13)

* 5: Firth Park; Arundel Gate (AG12), Paternoster Row, Flat Street (FS1), Castlegate (CG14)

* 10: Manor Park; Eyre Street (ES1), Paternoster Row, Flat Street (FS1), Waingate (CG13)

* 11, 12: Stannington; Snig Hill (CG5)

* 13: High Green; Snig Hill (CG5)

* 14: Loxley; Sheffield Interchange, Snig Hill (CG5)

* 17 (First): Meadowhall; Eyre Street (ES2), Paternoster Row, Flat Street (FS1), Snig Hill (CG5)

* 17 (TM Travel): Meadowhall; Sheffield Interchange, Flat Street (FS1), Snig Hill (CG5)

* 20/20A: Hillsborough; Eyre Street (ES1), Sheffield Interchange, Castlegate (CG14)

* 22: Nether Edge; Commercial Street (CG2)Arundel Gate (02 Academy), Charter Row (MH7)

* 22, 25, 25A: Woodhouse; Eyre Street (ES1)Paternoster Row, Flat Street (FS1), Waingate (CG13)

* 30: Plumbley; Eyre Street (ES1)Sheffield Interchange

* 32: Rotherham; Matilda StreetPaternoster Row, Haymarket (CG20), Interchange

* 35, 36: Hillsborough; Sheffield InterchangeCastle Street (CG22)

* 42: Waterthorpe; Eyre Street (ES2)Paternoster Row, Haymarket (CG20), Interchange

* 51: Charnock; West Street, Charter Row (MH7)

* 51: Lodge Moor; Eyre Street (ES1)Paternoster Row, Church Street (HS4)

* 52: Woodhouse; Eyre Street (ES1)Paternoster Row, Flat Street (FS1), Waingate (CG13)

EVENT SCHEDULE: Wednesday, July 23, 2014

6pm: Circuit Completely closed.

6.05pm: Circuit open for warm up.

6.45pm to 6.50pm: Exit Opportunity for vehicles inside course closure - Arundel Gate.

7pm: Support Race Start - Pinstone Street.

7.55pm to 8pm: Exit Opportunity for vehicles inside course closure - Arundel Gate.

8.05pm: Circuit Open for Mens warm up.

8.20pm: Mens Rider Gridding Starts.

8.20pm to 8.25pm: Exit Opportunity for vehicles inside course closure - Arundel Gate.

8.30pm: Claremont Mens Elite Circuit Series start - Pinstone Street.

9.30pm: Claremont Mens Elite Race finish.

9.35pm: Mens & Womens Presentations - Podium on Pinstone Street.


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