Clegg criticises immigration cap

Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg

Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg has publicly criticised Home Office plans for a cap on EU immigration.

The Deputy Prime Minister spoke out after claims Home Secretary Theresa May’s department has drawn up proposals to limit the number of immigrants to 75,000 a year.

Mr Clegg branded such a move ‘illegal and unworkable’.

“My advice to the Home Office is to spend less time leaking policies that are illegal and undeliverable and spend more time delivering on the policies we have agreed as a coalition government, notably the reinstatement of exit checks.”

n A protest will be held in Sheffield today against proposed changes to the Immigration Bill which campaigners say will make life more dangerous for immigrants.

The protest, organised by the South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group, will begin outside the Town Hall at 12.30pm before campaigners march to the Home Office building at Vulcan House. Green Party leader Natalie Bennett is set to attend.

Opponents say the changes will cause more harm to vulnerable immigrants.