Country park sails past its 30th anniversary

Views of Rother Vallley Country Park
Views of Rother Vallley Country Park

Rother Valley Country Park was this week celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Created as a green lung for the growing areas of Mosborough, Beighton and Sothall, it now attracts around 750,000 visitors a year as location for everything from walking the dog and birdwatching to sailing and water skiing.

The park, with five artificial lakes, was caved from a former opencast coal site.

Initially it was managed by a committee of representatives of five councils, including Sheffield, but it is now in the hands of Rotherham Council.

Joanne Edley, operations manager for development, said: “I think the park is the jewel in South Yorkshire’s crown. Staff love working here and many have done so for a number of years. We are focusing our efforts on developing the park so it will continue to attract people for another 30 years.”