‘I was framed’ - knifing suspect

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A MAN accused of knifing a relative as he sat in a car on a Sheffield street told a jury he’d been ‘framed’ by the alleged victim because he had a grudge against him.

Mubasher Yasin was attacked by two thugs armed with knives as he sat in his car on Barretta Street, Fir Vale, last August 22.

Mr Yasin suffered nine wounds and a punctured lung and thought he was going to die, a jury at Sheffield Crown Court has heard.

He told the court his attackers were Adeel Din, aged 21, and Zabar Hussain, 24, whom he said he recognised because they are his wife’s cousins.

But giving evidence in his defence, Zabar Hussain of West Quadrant, Firth Park, told the jury he had been ‘set up’ by Yasin.

He said he’d bought cannabis and cocaine from Yasin and his brother previously, but stayed away from them after they attacked his cousin and co-accused in May 2010 - leaving him with a head injury.

Hussain denied having any involvement in the knife attack and said at the time he was at his sister in law’s home in Baldwin Road, watching television.

Asked why he’d refused to answer questions when arrested by the police, he said: “It was nothing to do with me. I was getting framed up for something I haven’t done. The police were being aggressive with me, making out I had done something I hadn’t done.”

Prosecutor Andrew Sheldon then asked why he’d not told police he’d been at his sister-in-law’s at the time of the attack.

He said: “I told my solicitor in August.”

But Mr Sheldon said: “It wasn’t until last Tuesday, Mr Hussain, that you gave any information about where you had been on August 22, was it?”

Mr Sheldon asked him: “Your case is that Mubasher Yasin and his brother have made up this case against you and are telling wicked lies?”

To which he replied: “Yes, right.”

Earlier Din’s father Jawed Din denied lying to protect his son after giving conflicting evidence.

Previously Mr Din said his son, of Goddard Hall Road, Fir Vale, couldn’t have attacked Mr Yasin because he was with him outside their home at the time of the stabbing at 7.20pm.

But he told the court in evidence he was with his son for only 20 to 25 minutes, then went back inside and his son returned later.

Mr Sheldon said to him: “You’ve come along here prepared to lie to try to help your son.”

Mr Din said: “No, I wouldn’t lie for anyone.”

Both Din and Hussain deny attempted murder and wounding with intent. The trial continues.