‘Murdered’ Sheffield partygoer stabbed through heart

Jamie Stewart - murdered on Howcroft Avenue
Jamie Stewart - murdered on Howcroft Avenue

A TEENAGER died after he was stabbed through the heart as he made his way home from a 21st birthday party in Sheffield.

Danny Parr, aged 21, knifed Jamie Stuart four times in his legs and chest a jury at Sheffield Crown Court heard.

One of the blows was delivered with such force it went through Mr Stuart’s chest bone and pierced his heart.

A passerby alerted the emergency services and gave him CPR but Mr Stuart was pronounced dead at the Northern General Hospital.

Parr, of Broom Close, Bramley, Rotherham, denies murdering the 19-year-old but admits his manslaughter.

He admits stabbing Mr Stuart but denies intending to kill him or cause him really serious bodily harm.

Peter Moulson, prosecuting at Sheffield Crown Court said the men had only met once before the killing which happened on Holgate Avenue, Parson Cross, in the early hours of July 23 2011.

Mr Moulson said: “Parr was not acting in self defence nor was he defending anyone else when he delivered the blows to Jamie Stuart.”

The court heard Mr Stuart, of Orchard Close, Ecclesfield, was on his way home from a party at the White Horse pub when he encountered Parr and Parr’s cousin Connor Jessop.

Mr Moulson said a witness reported hearing a voice saying: “Why did you do that?”

After the incident Parr sent a text message to a friend called Sean Pryor, which read: “That lad who were with Kyle earlier, I pierced him four times bro. What you saying? Need to talk tomorrow.”

Mr Moulson said another witness, Cara Atkinson, told police Parr seemed as if he was ‘getting a buzz out of it’.

The trial continues.