Plea to report any suspicions of child sexual exploitation

South Yorkshire Police this week announced a stepping up of attempts to crackdown on the sexual exploitation of children.

One hundred public protection posts are being created, while teachers, taxi drivers, hoteliers and shop workers and the general public are being asked to report any suspicions.

Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright launched a ‘Say Something If You See Something’ campaign on Tuesday, with the backing of local councils, the Crown Prosecution Service and Crimestoppers.

He said: “The exploitation of children for sexual gratification is a pernicious and pervasive crime that robs our children of innocence, hope, faith and dignity.

“We must recognise that we all have a responsibility to stop such appalling crimes from happening, and I believe we can.”

David Crompton, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire, said victims often did not realise they were being groomed and exploited and they were ‘unlikely’ to report the offences themselves.