Police swoop on dealers with £47,000 Sheffield drugs haul

Crime:Latest news.
Crime:Latest news.

A PAIR of drug dealers were caught on a motorway with £47,000 of heroin collected in Sheffield, a court heard.

Cousins Mohammed and Ripon Miah were stopped by police on the M5 with thousands of pounds worth of drugs hidden in a cushion on the back seat of their car.

The two men had picked up the heroin in Sheffield and were travelling south to sell it in street deals in Gloucester.

Mohammed, who was driving the car, admitted possessing the drug with intent to supply but Ripon, aged 41, who works in an Indian takeaway, denied the offence.

He claimed he had no knowledge the drug was in the car and was not involved - but a jury took just half an hour to convict him.

Judge Jamie Tabor QC remanded him in custody pending a sentencing hearing.

Nicholas Gerasimidis, prosecuting, said a Mitsubishi car owned by Mohammed Miah was stopped on the southbound carriageway between junctions 9 and 10 of the motorway just north of Cheltenham in December last year.

Ripon was in the passenger seat and Mohammed was driving, he said.

“During the search of the vehicle a purple cushion was found on the rear offside seat and amongst the stuffing were two bags of brown powder.

“Each of the bags contained heroin - one was 471 and the other 474 grams. It was at eight per cent purity - it had been bulked out with paracetamol and caffeine to increase its saleable value.

“So we have almost a kilo of heroin which, at street sale values, would be worth £47,000.”

Mobile phones found in the car showed there had been calls made between the car and a man called Khan in Sheffield, who the prosecution say was involved in the deal.

The jury convicted Ripon.

Judge Tabor said: “Time and time again these telephone schedules tell a story which you can read like a book. It’s quite extraordinary.”