Police warning over bin fires in Sheffield

Wheelie bin arson.
Wheelie bin arson.

Arsonists are being warned about the dangers of setting fire to wheelie bins after a spate of attacks in Sheffield.

Four fires were set in Totley and Bradway in a 48-hour period.

Police said nobody was injured during the incidents, but officers are warning the repercussions could have been far more serious.

Acting Police Sergeant Kevin Marsh said: “People who set these types of fires need to be aware their actions could have serious consequences.

“A fire started in a wheelie bin could easily get out of control, spread to nearby properties and, ultimately, lead to loss of life.

“Setting small fires also calls emergency services away from other incidents and means valuable time and resources are being stretched.

“We are taking these incidents seriously and I would urge anyone with information to contact police.”

The first incident happened during the night of Saturday, November 16, when three wheelie bins were set alight at All Saints Church in Totley.

On Monday, November 25, police and fire crews were called to an address at Bradway Road, Bradway, where another wheelie bin had been set on fire.

On Christmas Eve 2005 three members of the same family died after a wheelie bin was torched and pushed up against their home in Batemoor.

Retired secretary Pat Brightmore, aged 65, her husband, former British Steel worker Tony, 68, and their 35-year-old blind son Steven all lost their lives.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue is now urging residents to take simple precautions to avoid becoming victims of bin fire arson attacks.

Advice from the service includes putting bins out on the morning of collection and putting them away as soon as possible afterwards, not overfilling bins and ensuring they close.

n Anyone with any information about any of recent attacks is asked to call South Yorkshire Police on 101, quoting either incident number 558 of November 17, or incident number 29 of November 25.