Psychopath stabbed victim 120 times in ‘horror-film-style’ attack

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A PSYCHOPATHIC killer stabbed a much-loved Sheffield granddad to death - knifing him 120 times.

Detectives today branded 32-year-old Benjamin Anthony Scott ‘one of the most dangerous men’ they had ever met.

The father-of-four admitted himself the crime scene he had created was like ‘something out of a Saw horror film’.

Today he is locked up indefinitely for the protection of the public - and might never be released.

Sheffield Crown Court was told Scott has a ‘psychopathic personality disorder’ resulting in ‘impulsive acts of homicidal violence’.

The 18 stone killer stabbed 5ft 2ins Gary Beech in a frenzied attack in the early hours of June 24 last year, after drinking at the 44-year-old’s flat in Batemoor Road, Batemoor.

Less than a month later, in Doncaster Prison awaiting trial, Scott fashioned a knife from a toothbrush and a razor blade - and slashed fellow inmate Daniel Clarke’s neck.

Ordering Scott to serve at least 15 years, judge Mr Justice Openshaw said: “Many defendants serving such sentences are detained long after their tariffs have expired - some are never released.”

Peter Moulson QC, prosecuting, said the day before the killing Scott told the mother of his children he was going to ‘do something stupid’. He asked Amy Perrins to wait for him for 15 years.

Dad-of-two and granddad-of-one Mr Beech was a drinking acquaintance who had met Scott only a few weeks before. On the night of the killing the pair bought lager at Jordanthorpe Food and Wine Store.

Mr Beech’s body was discovered the next day. He had been stabbed 120 times.

“He had 86 wounds to his head and face,” said Mr Moulson. “Many were made while he lay incapacitated on the floor.”

The next day Scott, with blood on his clothes, met Miss Perrins. “She told police he did not look normal,” said Mr Moulson. “His eyes were half closed, he looked half asleep, he had a smile on his face and he was ‘bouncing’.”

Scott told her he’d attacked Mr Beech, adding: “It was like something out of a Saw film.”

Scott, of Batemoor Road, Batemoor, admitted manslaughter on the grounds of ‘abnormality of the mind’. He also admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent, theft, and assault.

Two forensic psychiatrists said Scott was suffering ‘dissocial personality disorder’.

One said he was a ‘highly dangerous individual, capable of homicidal violence’. Another said: “He is prone to highly impulsive behaviour, discharges violence very easily, and the violence he metes out is often unrestrained.”

The judge said Scott had not shown the slightest regret or remorse. “This was a horrific attack characterised by a background of an acute level of mental instability,” he added.