Robbers to be sentenced

THREE robbers who escaped with £35,000 after holding up a man delivering cash to a Sheffield supermarket were due to be sentenced today.

The trio, from Bulwell, Nottinghamshire, were involved in a plot to steal cash from a G4S van when it pulled up to stock cash points at Tesco on Infirmary Road last May.

They used a baseball bat to strike the cash delivery man across his back, using so much force that the weapon split in two.

Police snared the trio after cash, which was dyed blue when a stolen cash box was prised open by the men, started turning up in Nottinghamshire.

The money was also covered in Smart Water, an invisible forensically-coded liquid which linked it to the stolen cash box.

One of the men was also linked by police, and pleaded guilty at court, to the robbery of another man delivering cash to a bank in Leicester.