Sheffield moped man was chased by police

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News: Bringing you news 24-hours a day.

A moped rider’s getaway bid failed after he stuck to the speed limit, a court heard.

Ben Hollowood tootled along on his 125cc moped at Shepcote Lane in Tinsley as a police car with flashing lights followed.

An officer pulled in front of his bike at one point and flagged him down but the 23-year-old carried on at a steady 30mph.

The moped mounted a pavement and went through a set of traffic lights near a junction with the Europa Link.

It was only when Hollowood stopped at red lights further on that he was caught.

Hollowood, of Greenwood Crescent, Darnall, was initially charged with dangerous driving.

But he denied the offence at Sheffield Crown Court and his guilty plea to the lesser charge of careless driving was accepted by the prosecution.

David Wain, prosecuting, said an officer in a patrol car motioned for Hollowood to pull over on Shepcote Lane on October 26 for a routine check but he was ignored.

“The officer put his lights on but the moped continued without stopping,” said Mr Wain.

James Gould, defending, said: “He adhered to the speed limit at all times and was wearing a helmet.”

A video camera in the patrol car showed him veering over the white line and on to the pavement but no pedestrians were present.

Hollowood is unemployed and living on benefits at home with his parents but has worked as a steward at Don Valley in the past.

Mr Gould said: “His moped has now been returned to him and he continues to ride it.”

Judge Graham Robinson told Hollowood: “It seems to me the only criminality was your rather reckless decision to ride your moped on a pavement which is for pedestrians only and could potentially be very dangerous.

“But it was in an industrial area and there was no pedestrian traffic on the footway.”

Hollowood was fined £85 with £35 costs with six penalty points on his licence.