Sheffield murder jury hears 999 call

Herries Road Murder Scene
Herries Road Murder Scene

A recording of a 999 call made by a panicky passer-by has been played to a Sheffield murder trial jury.

The caller described seeing Aras Hussein naked and covered in blood walking around near his flat on Herries Road, Shirecliffe, Sheffield.

Reema Ramza

Reema Ramza

Aras Hussein, aged 21, denies murdering his girlfriend Reema Ramza on June 4 last year.

Sheffield Crown Court has heard the 18-year-old’s head was removed from her body. The trial has been told she was still alive when she was beheaded with a kitchen knife.

During the call played to the court the man could be heard asking the operator for an ambulance.

He told her: “I’ve just come across him.

“He’s covered in blood and he’s naked.

“He’s saying some different things to me.

“He’s walking around, I’m stood outside.”

A bit later the man tells the operator: “He’s inside the flat now and I’m outside.

“Can you send the police as well.

“There’s blood going down his chest, he looks like he’s got £1,000 in notes and a passport in his hand.”

The jury was told a police search of the flat revealed various quantities of money in different currencies.

It included £460 in £10 notes, 100 Turkish Lira worth £28 and 205,000 Iraqi dinar worth £105 in sterling.

The trial continues.