South Yorkshire murder victim ‘stabbed and left to die in garden’

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A DAD was stabbed through the heart at a friend’s house before being left to die in the front garden, a court heard.

Sammy Haughton, aged 29, was allegedly knifed when he visited 36-year-old John Green at his home on Colley Crescent, Kendray, Barnsley.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Sammy was stabbed in his face, head, chest and back - and one of the wounds was 15cm deep.

Bryan Cox QC, prosecuting, told the court Green then set about ‘covering his tracks’ by mopping up bloodstains instead of calling 999 as Sammy lay dying in his garden.

Mr Cox said Green was an alcoholic, while Sammy, of Sunderland Terrace, Measborough Dike, had ‘long-standing problems’ with drug abuse.

He said an eye witness, Scott Kilner, was walking along Colley Crescent on his way to his sister’s house at around 1.15am on December 6 last year when he heard voices from outside Green’s semi-detached house.

“He heard a voice he didn’t recognise say, ‘I’ve had enough’,” Mr Cox said.

“He looked over and noticed the defendant, and saw another man on the ground propped against the wheelie bin.

“The defendant was kneeling over Sammy Haughton.

“He had one hand over one side of Sammy’s throat and a knife in his other hand. The point of the knife was held very close to Sammy Haughton’s face.”

Mr Cox added: “Scott Kilner didn’t appreciate the significance of what he observed - in fact, he thought the men were messing around.”

Twenty minutes later, Green called 999 at just after 1.35am. He told the operator he had found Sammy injured outside, before his friend suddenly jumped up and bit him.

Mr Cox said an ambulance arrived minutes later, and Sammy was not breathing and had no pulse.

Pathologist Charles Wilson, who performed a post-mortem examination, found a stab wound cutting through Sammy’s fourth rib into his heart, and another which passed through his left collarbone, severing a major blood vessel. A bloodstained mop was found near the entrance to Green’s kitchen, and a forensic scientist discovered evidence of surfaces being wiped.

Mr Cox said Green, who denies murder, also cleaned the knife and replaced it in a kitchen drawer.

The trial continues.