David Blunkett paid £5,000 a day for work with news group

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SHEFFIELD MP David Blunkett was on a contract worth £5,000 a day with News International as an advisor on a social responsibility project – which finished at the end of June when the News of the World phone hacking scandal intensified.

The Labour politician, who represents Brightside and Hillsborough, was paid £25,000 for the six-month appointment but said he had only worked five days on the project, run by Rupert Murdoch’s company to help deprived youngsters.

Details of Mr Blunkett’s appointment are detailed in the House of Commons register of members’ interests. It details his position as an ‘advisory post for corporate social responsibility (volunteering and education)’.

He is also paid up to £5,000 a year by News International for occasional columns in The Times newspaper.

Mr Blunkett’s payments from the media over the last year included £33,000 since last November for articles in the Daily Mail, £1,200 from Johnston Press, owner of The Star, for columns in the Yorkshire Post since June 2010 and £1,000 from Mirror Group.

News International appointed Mr Blunkett to help on its Fairbridge project, which has now become part of the Prince’s Trust. The scheme works with young people aged 13 to 25, many of whom suffer homelessness, substance misuse or a history of offending and gives them the ‘motivation, self-confidence and skills they need to change their lives’.

Mr Blunkett said: “I have spent about five days with Fairbridge since being appointed in January, during which I have met with young people on its projects around the country. I have been invited to address News International staff in London and Manchester.”

Mr Blunkett used to include a regular piece in Mr Murdoch’s Sun until the paper switched allegiance to the Tories in 2009. He has never written for the News of the World.

He said: “I was a victim of phone hacking, though not in the same terms as those such as murder victim Milly Dowler, who suffered worst from the News of the World’s intrusion. But I have to distinguish between what some journalists did on one publication and the business of putting my opinion across and getting the facts to the public.

“What the register can never show is what the money is used for: in my case substantially funding my own running costs in addition to Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority payments.”