Sheffield student films graduation day using new gizmo

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A Sheffield University student has become the first in the UK to film his entire graduation day using groundbreaking new technology.

Munyaradzi Chawawa, aged 21, was wearing revolutionary Google Glass technology – a hands-free alternative to the smart phone which was launched in Britain only last month.

He wore the device which is mounted on a pair of glasses that delivers information via a virtual screen – and which can film events as they happen from the wearer’s point of view.

Munyaradzi edited his footage down to a three-and-a-half minute montage, accompanied by an emotional piece of spoken word commentary narrated by the student himself.

The film starts with Munyaradzi brushing his teeth, getting ready, and driving to Sheffield with his family.
Later he is seen reuniting with friends, collecting his graduation gown and then going through the ceremony itself in the Octagon.




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