Special measures school ‘improving’

THE headteacher drafted in to help bring a Doncaster primary school out of special measures says she is pleased with the progress being made.

Helen Bellinger has taken charge at Plover Primary School in Intake after it was put in special measures by Ofsted after a report.

She said Ofsted inspectors who made the latest monitoring visit were happy with three out of five key issues which had been raised with the school.

Their report after the visit described progress as inadequate, but Mrs Bellinger said that was because some of the assessment data they required at the time had not been available. It has now been passed on to them.

She said: “I feel things are progressing well and the local authority is pleased with the progress we are making. There is improvement in all areas.

“There are positive comments in the report, but data was not available at the time of the visit to demonstrate the impact of our actions.”

The report said that, since becoming subject to special measures in November 2011, the school had appointed Mrs Bellinger to lead it through the immediate future.

Three additional governors and one new parent governor had joined the governors.

One teacher had left the school and one teacher was currently on maternity leave.

The deputy headteacher now had a class teaching commitment and one part-time teacher was working full time.

A new subject leader for English had been appointed and the governors were consulting with the local authority about plans for the future leadership of the school.

The report said the executive headteacher took up her post in January and had been quick to establish roles and responsibilities at all levels across the school.

As a result, there was a sense of accountability and a shared drive to improve provision and outcomes for pupils.

There was now a regular routine for the monitoring of teachers’ work.

There is now more teaching than in November that is satisfactory or better, the report added.