Particles from outer space ‘wreaking low-grade havoc on mobile phones and computers’

Alien subatomic particles raining down from outer space are wreaking “low-grade havoc” on mobile phones and computers, according to new research.


PICTURES: Following the path less followed in the Peak District

While Sheffield’s trees continue to make local and national headlines, a quieter story of forest folk has been emerging on the edge of the city.

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Bryan Lodge, right, with Amey operations director Darren Butt

Contract that triggered Sheffield tree felling saga ‘open to change and negotiation’

The contract which triggered Sheffield’s controversial round of tree-felling ‘could be changed’, a senior city councillor has admitted.

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Graves Park - there are no easy answers to the challenges faced by public parks, the council has warned

Sheffield MP’s strategy call on parks question

Sheffield Council has been called upon to draw up a new strategic plan setting out how parks can be managed to ‘maximise their contribution’ to promoting healthy lifestyles, tackling social exclusion and fending off floods.

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One fifth of the Amazon rainforest is disappearing for food production

The Big Challenge: Food for thought on our climate

It is great to see the fossil fuel debate feature so prominently in recent issues of the Telegraph. Fuel and shelter are such basic human needs, but so are food and water. Many people understand that fossil fuels must go, but are unaware of the relationships between our food and climate change. Indeed, some researchers estimate that industrialised animal farming creates as much greenhouse gas as all of the world’s transport combined.

Fracking protest, Bramleymoor Lane at Marsh Lane

In Depth: Drilling down into prospect of fracking on Sheffield’s doorstep

“The well will be around 60 metres tall,” said David Kesteven, describing the impact that drilling for shale gas would have on his village, just eight miles from Sheffield city centre.

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Winter is coming back as Met Office issues weather warnings

Winter is coming back as Met Office issues weather warnings

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for parts of the UK, with “relatively strong winds” and “ice overnight”.

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Oliver Greenwood, eight, with his letter to Prime Minister Theresa May about fracking in Derbyshire.

Boy, 8, writes to Theresa May to object to Derbyshire fracking plans

An eight-year-old has written to the Prime Minister to ask for help fighting fracking in Derbyshire.

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Manor Lodge in Sheffield

Heritage: Clear and present danger of igoring our city’s past glories

Why history creates a strong sense of community pride and should be used to highlight the wealth of new ideas that have graced Sheffield’s innovators.

Ed Andrew from Our Cow Molly

Striving for a positive rural future in Sheffield

When Hector Andrew started his diary farm in Dungworth on the edge of Sheffield in 1947, he did so with just 10 cows for milk production, delivering to shops and homes.

Fracking well INEOS

The Big Challenge: Fracking will never be the answer

Let’s talk about information. We refer to chemical firm INEOS’s advertising around its fracking proposals. The Royal Society and The Royal Academy of Engineering Report 2012 states: “The probability of well failure is low for a single well if it is designed, constructed and abandoned according to best practice… Attention must be paid to the way in which risks scale up.”

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Coun Nasima Akther.

Labour Sheffield councillor suspended for trees vote

The Sheffield Labour group has suspended one of its councillors for not voting along party lines on a motion regarding tree felling.
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Jon Johnson, right, of Reach Homes, with Billy Silver and Chris Dawkins

Sheffield developer to show off low-cost solution to housing crisis

A £35,000 eco-home designed to solve Sheffield’s housing crisis will go on display for the first time this weekend.

Anderson Tree Care at work by the River Sheaf near the city centre: Bob Anderson moving away as a cut tree is hoisted up from the riverbank

“We’re not tree butchers” say firm called in to fell city’s trees amid protests

Specialists on the front line of the debate over Sheffield’s street trees have shed light on the daily trials they face.

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Protesters gathered at Sheffield Magistrates' Court this morning

Tree protest charges dropped against Sheffield pensioners

Two pensioners in court today over a tree felling protest in Sheffield have had the charges against them dropped.
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President-elect Donald Trump pumps his fist as he arrives during the 58th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The Big Challenge: Thinking of the bigger picture

I’m writing this in the days after a climate denier was inaugurated as President of the country seen as the most powerful on Earth.

Jarvis Cocker arrives at the new library

Endcliffe birch is Cocker’s favourite

Jarvis Cocker named a birch in Endcliffe Park as his favourite Sheffield tree when a competition was launched by campaigners opposing felling across the city.


Special Report: Workers who must see the good from the trees

Meet the staff who are trying to inform and educate residents about the need for proper management of Sheffield’s trees.

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Parkwood Springs: Mountain biker Jake Monk

Opportunity to transform derelict Sheffield ski village into leading outdoor activity site

A derelict ski village on the outskirts of Sheffield is being given a new lease of life thanks to the city council.

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Eggborough Power Station, John Giles/PA Wire

The Big Challenge: Looking for a new perspective

Rob Unwin has a key priority for the next year - trying to secure funding to keep the Development Education Centre South Yorkshire (DECSY) open on Leadmill Road in Sheffield city centre.

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