Hunters Bar roundabout to remain untouched

HUNTERS Bar roundabout - with its old toll gate surrounded by greenery - is to be left alone.

Plans had been drawn up to reshape it with a view to improving the traffic flow, but the idea is being dropped in the light of public reaction.

One objector said: “Hunters Bar is a beautiful and historical site which has stood for hundreds of years without the interference of the council ... touching it at all is wrong.”

Highways officers had also looked at replacing the roundabout with traffic lights, but concluded it would not work well and “the visual impact would be significant”.

Traffic signal timings near the roundabout are to be reviewed to see if this would help traffic flow more freely.

A package of measures was drawn up under the Ecclesall Road Smart Route scheme, which is due to be financed by the council and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.

Some changes are being made after 500 people gave their views and a 422-name petition objected on the basis that it would not relieve congestion on one of the main roads in and out of the city centre.

A council report says: “There are conflicting views about which road users should receive priority along the Smart Route. Many respondents welcome the proposals and feel they will reduce congestion, but others feel they will be detrimental to bus users, cyclists and pedestrians.”

A “significant reduction in public sector funding” is also being taken into account.

Still on track are proposals to ease congestion at the Moore Street roundabout and to make it easier for drivers to turn into Greystones Road and Ringinglow Road.