Former Lib Dem city councillor moves to Labour

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A former Liberal Democrat councillor in Sheffield has joined the Labour Party.

Ali Qadar was a Lib Dem councillor for Nether Edge from 1996 to 2012, and he stood for the Central parliamentary constituency in 1997, 2001 and 2012.

He said: “After the formation of coalition government, I became unhappy about some of its policies, including the rise in tuition fees, VAT increase and size and speed of public spending cuts. I raised my concerns at various levels within the Liberal Democrat party but I did not feel comfortable to leave the party while I was councillor, because I was elected on Lib Dem ticket. After standing down in May 2012 I did not renew my Lib Dem membership.”

Now he has joined Nether Edge Labour Party.

Lib Dem leader Shaffaq Mohammed said: “Ali hasn’t been involved with the Lib Dems for the last 18 months but it’s still disappointing that he has chosen to back Labour when the economy is finally thriving and Ed Balls and Ed Miliband have been proved utterly wrong in their dire predictions.”