Girl hanged herself following row

Robyn Watson.
Robyn Watson.

A SCHOOLGIRL hanged herself at home after arguing with her mum about being alone in the house with a boy, an inquest heard.

Robyn Watson, aged 15, was told off by mum Lisa who asked the boy to leave, then sent her daughter to her room.

Lisa went upstairs afterwards and spent 10 minutes chatting to Robyn - but later the same evening found her daughter hanging.

Mrs Watson and her partner John Hedley tried to revive Robyn but she never regained consciousness, and died from brain swelling four days later in hospital.

A note was found in her room at her home on Olive Grove Road, Heeley.

Recording the verdict that Robyn took her own life, assistant deputy coroner Louise Slater said: “This is a very sad inquest and very tragic circumstances.”

The inquest heard Robyn had invited the boy home after being ‘upset and scared’ when another boy touched her leg in a local park.

Robyn had been bullied at Newfield School, the court heard, including false claims she was pregnant - but after they were reported to the school the bullying stopped.

Mrs Watson and Mr Hedley arrived home at 7.15pm last March and found Robyn with her friend in the kitchen. The argument happened shortly afterwards.

Following Robyn’s death, police found a diary which Mrs Watson said contained mostly ‘fantasy’.

“To this day I still don’t know anything that could have persuaded Robyn to do what she did,” she said.