It’s ted alert at bear clinic

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  • by Gael Stigant

Sheffield soft toys in need of some fur-st aid were able to get a check up and cuddle from ‘teddy bear doctors’.

Concerned children were able to take their poorly toys to a special Teddy Bear Hospital set up at the city’s Weston Park Museum on Saturday.

And if anything had knocked the stuffing out of them, they were soon on the mend thanks to the student medics from Sheffield University.

Fourth-year student Robert Ure, aged 25, said: “The children bring their teddies to the hospital and go around different stations and teddy gets to be fixed.

“He gets to have an X-Ray, MRI scan, you get to brush his teeth, get his eyes examined and play with exercise equipment.

“It means the child gets to learn about what goes on in the hospital, so if unfortunately they have to go to hospital at some point, they’re less nervous and frightened.

“They seem to love it and children always have a great time. 
“We have an MRI machine where Teddy goes in and a picture of him comes back out.”

Nine-year-old Cerys Akers, Grenoside, took along Nemo the clown fish, after he had a swimming accident.

She said: “He was swimming and broke his tail. We’ve been getting him better.

“We put bandages on his tail and listened to his heart to make sure everything else is OK.”

And four-year-old Esther Clines, of Broomhill, the proud owner of two clumsy bunnies, said: “The bunnies fell off a wall so we decided to take them to hospital.

“They had an X-Ray and got their bandages on. They had an MRI scan, their blood pressure taken and had their hearts listened to as well.”




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