Hounds get specs appeal

Garfunkle the greyhound is pleased with his new sunglasses.
Garfunkle the greyhound is pleased with his new sunglasses.

COOL sunglasses are set to make racing days way fairer at Sheffield’s dog track.

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey - it’s all about Fifty Shades for Greyhounds at Owlerton Stadium in Hillsborough.

The wiry mutts will be sporting their very own sunnies when competing from today.

But the decision to give the dogs their very own set of shades was not a bid to make fashionistas of these four-legged friends.

It comes following fears some of the greyhounds’ performances were being affected by sight problems caused by glare from the sun as they made their way around the track.

Owlerton teamed up with Crystal Peaks’ Specsavers to develop special protective eyewear which will not steam up or slip as they battle it out on race days.

John Gilburn, managing director at Owlerton Greyhound Stadium, said: “We have been noticing for a while that some of the greyhounds have been squinting.

“We have tried giving them hats or visors to block out the glare - but that’s when we realised we should have gone to Specsavers.”

Gil Vasey, director of Specsavers at Crystal Peaks, said: “We are always keen to help those who can’t see the wood for the trees, or in this case the hare for the lights, and we’ve been working like dogs to launch this brand new product.”

The move is thought to be a first for the world of greyhound racing and one which looks set to spark a trend across the UK.

Handsome dog Garfunkle, one of Owlerton’s racers, was hand-picked by staff to model the specs as part of the campaign.

To view more photos of him visit the website or Owlerton Stadium’s Facebook page.