Huge damage to Sheffield gardens in major wall collapse

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A boundary wall has collapsed into two back gardens in Sheffield – causing thousands of pounds of damage.

Homeowners in Armstead Road, Beighton, said today they are worried further collapses may happen along the street following a similar incident four years ago just a couple of doors away.

The latest collapse happened on Thursday morning – smashing a nine-foot tall shed at one house, and bringing bricks and debris crashing down into the neighbouring garden.

Planning permission was granted in the 1970s for new houses on the higher-level Orchard Lane, which back on to the Armstead Road properties.

Angry residents said today they thought a decision to allow the walls at the back of their properties to be backfilled from a height of around 4.5ft to about nine feet at the time may be responsible for the collapse.

Lorraine Thomas, a teaching assistant at Halfway Junior School, said the shed built by her husband, which contained a Yamaha motorbike and a mountain bike, had been destroyed by the collapse.

She said the family was at a loss about what to do in the situation, and did not want to risk touching the collapsed shed due to a fear of causing further damage.

“It looks like a bomb site at the moment,” she said.

“I don’t know what we are going to do.”

She said Sheffield Council has said it could not assist because the incident occurred on private property.

Betty Beaumont, who lives on Orchard Lane, said she was grateful nobody had been hurt. “I was really upset – it could have happened when kids were playing in the garden.”




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