Dan proves he can be the strong, silent type

Dan Sumption using old-style social networking that he's currently restricted to

Dan Sumption using old-style social networking that he's currently restricted to

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Hi-tech communication is a big part of life for software developer Dan Sumption... But for the month of August he’s taken a vow of social media silence.

Dan, who helped to create BBC iPlayer and is currently working on ITV Player, has managed to kick his Twitter habit and tear himself away from Facebook – and it’s all in aid of local charity SAFE@LAST, which works with young people at risk of running away.

Dan came up with the challenge as a result of his role as a foster carer. He and wife Gill have two teenage daughters, but have also shared their Sheffield home with around 20 other youngsters over the years.

“I can vouch for the fact that this charity can change the lives of vulnerable kids,” he says.

Last year Dan raised £1,860 for them by cycling from London to Brussels; this year he wanted to do something even tougher.

“As anyone who follows me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram knows, this is a very big challenge. I post to each of those sites sometimes dozens of times a day, and check them even more often,” he says.

To keep himself from cheating, he has removed all the relevant apps from his phone and installed blocker software to prevent him from taking a peek until September 1.

“I’ve missed chatting online with peopleI know, but the freedom and extra free time have been quite liberating,” he admits.

“And it’s reintroduced me to an old skill I’d almost forgotten – letter writing. I just wish I’d asked a few more people for their postal addresses before I cut myself off!”

To support Dan go to Just Giving

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