Junction changes on way despite protests

Pictured is the Junction of Greenhill Ave and Greenhill Main Road

Pictured is the Junction of Greenhill Ave and Greenhill Main Road

Changes are due to be made to a key road junction at Meadowhead, despite local opposition.

Traffic lights are set to be installed at the junction of Greenhill Main Road and Greenhill Avenue, where long traffic queues build up at peak times.

But the more contentious proposal is to ban left turns from the main road into Greenhill Avenue.

A protest petition attracted 292 names on the basis that drivers would divert through Greenhill village and the conservation area.

However, council highways officers say the left turn ban is needed to secure maximum benefit from the overall changes to the junction, linked to the remodelling of Meadowhead roundabout.

Computer analysis indicates traffic flows will improve by 20% during the busiest times at the top of Greenhill Avenue, which is next to the outer ring road

In addition, a council report says: “Recent observations of traffic movements through Greenhill village and the conservation area in the morning peak indicate that current traffic volumes are very low and the vast majority of movements are locally generated trips.

“The proposed banned left turn at Greenhill Avenue is not, therefore, anticipated to cause any increase in traffic transferring to these roads ...”

Overall cost of redeveloping the junction, including new crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists, is £300,000, to be paid by the Government.

A final decision will be taken today (Thursday) at a council cabinet highways session.




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