London Marathon bid for Sheffield ‘Nannan of Steel’

London Marathon runner Lindsay Cummings, with brother Calum, who ran the Inverness Half Marathon with her.

London Marathon runner Lindsay Cummings, with brother Calum, who ran the Inverness Half Marathon with her.

Lindsay Cummings will run up more than £1,000 for the Women Of Steel statue in the Virgin London Marathon - in memory of her ‘nannan’ Mary Curbishley, writes Graham Walker.

Mum of four Mary, who built spitfire parts at Laycock’s factory in Sheffield, died last year, aged 87.

Proud grand-daughter Lindsay, 31, of Inverness, a physiotherapist, was raised on stories about her gran’s Sheffield grit.

And with the same determination she is running her first ever marathon on Sunday, with sponsorships towards a statue which will honour Women Of Steel like Mary outside Sheffield City Hall.

Lindsay, who is hoping to complete the run in under five hours, recently did the Inverness Half Marathon as a warm-up with brother, Calum. She said: “People thought I was crazy. I like wine, chocolate and nights out. But my family are proud about what I’m doing for the Women Of Steel and Nannan. She would be overwhelmed. It’s not a local charity to Inverness so I thought £500 would be ambitious. But a lot of people have responded to the story.

“The Woman of Steel Project gave my Nannan an enormous sense of pride that the war efforts of the women of Sheffield are being recognised.

“When I was 10 we covered WW2 at school and I interviewed her about he part in it. My essays were compelling for the whole class as no one else had a grandparent whose house was bombed during the Blitz, endured the severity of rationing in the cities or had worked in Laycock’s factory. I was so proud that my Nannan had contributed so much.

“She was an amazing strength and support throughout my childhood and adult life. No matter what the situation, she always had the best advice or a cracking one liner that could change a situation to see the funny or bright side. Either that or she’d sing!

“I have never run a marathon before and probably never will again! The training is relentless! My brother and I completed Inverness Half Marathon as a warm up. It was a great atmosphere and a good boost for my confidence. I’m so glad to be using my Nannan’s grit and determination training to run for such a worthy cause.”

* Sponsor Lindsay at or Text SWOS87 £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 OR £10 to 70070.




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