Noisy Sheffield Stringfellow brother says ‘sorry’

Sorry: Terry Stringfellow, brother of Peter, pictured outside his flat in Longley, Sheffield.

Sorry: Terry Stringfellow, brother of Peter, pictured outside his flat in Longley, Sheffield.

LEGENDARY nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow’s estranged younger brother has apologised for being ‘a bad boy’ after complaints from neighbours about late night noise nuisance at his Sheffield council flat.

Terry Stringfellow admitted he had allowed noisy pals into his home on Longley Hall Way but had tried his best to keep quiet since landlord Sheffield Homes launched an anti-social behaviour investigation.

The company says enforcement action up to eviction is possible if complaints continue.

Peter said he was ‘very sad’ to hear of the problems and added he had tried to help his brother over the years ‘but to no avail’.

Terry, aged 58, revealed he has suffered personal problems and had battled a drink problem and been into rehab – paid for by his famous brother, whom he has not seen for almost two years.

But he said he has been trying to make up to Peter for his past by caring for his elderly aunt and uncle and has not allowed noisy friends around to his flat since complaints were made.

Terry, who once worked in his brother’s nightclubs and has been a pub manager, said: “I have been a bad boy with drink and things like that but I want a quiet life.

“I have a friend from Foxhill, where I used to live, who came round after I moved in. He talks very loudly and sometimes we would be sat up chatting until 11 or midnight.

“Since the complaints were made I have told him not to come round and he’s not been here for two or three weeks. I just want a quiet life.”

Terry added: “Peter’s one of the greatest guys and I couldn’t wish for a better brother but I have done wrong to him.

“It’s me who has been the bad boy of the family but Peter has always been the one who has helped me out and I do apologise.

“I’ve not seen him since a couple of Christmases ago and it’s up to our Peter if he wants to get back in touch, if he forgives me.

“I am trying to make amends by looking after our aunty and uncle, Dennis and Dorothy, who live in Ecclesfield.”

Peter, who has two other brothers, Paul and Geoff, told The Star: “It is very sad to hear yet again that Terry is messing up his life. I have tried on numerous occasions to help Terry financially and emotionally but to no avail.

“I have a younger brother who I just don’t know how to assist.”

Peter, who grew up in Pitsmoor and ran clubs in Sheffield before his move to London, added: “It’s common knowledge that I have helped him out of many scrapes and this saddens me immensely.”

One of the residents who complained about Terry, who did not wish to be named, said people in the block have suffered previous problems with other anti-social neighbours for the last five years and some are on anti-anxiety medication.

The resident said: “There has been constant shouting and arguing at Terry’s flat when his friend turns up, and we have had to call the police.”

Claire Lane, north area manager for Sheffield Homes, said: “We are working to resolve this issue. We have visited Terry Stringfellow at his property on various occasions to discuss the allegations made and residents have been using diary sheets to build up evidence.

“At this point, parties have agreed to be referred to Mediation Sheffield.

“We are not looking at taking any further action at this point as we give mediation the opportunity to resolve the situation,

“However, if the situation were to continue and we were to gain independent evidence of nuisance being caused we would look to take enforcement action.”




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