Sheffield mum top hand, foot and leg models

Sheffield mum Nicki Donohoe is one of the countrys top hand, foot and leg models. Image courtesy of

Sheffield mum Nicki Donohoe is one of the countrys top hand, foot and leg models. Image courtesy of


Model Nicki Donohoe can walk the streets of Sheffield without being recognised – despite the fact she appears on TV pretty much every day.

That’s because it is her hands, legs and feet stealing the limelight – as the Ecclesfield mum is one of the country’s top body parts models.

Nicki, aged 37, first got into modelling aged 30 when she was recommended to Sheffield agency DK Models.

Her edgy look instantly bagged her a hair shoot but it wasn’t long before her hands were in the frame.

Nicki said: “A local photographer spotted my hands and asked if I would do a shoot. I sent some of his photos to a few agencies and got signed at Hired Hands, London.

“I was surprised at the amount of work I was getting and quickly realised this was my market.”

Nicki’s pristine paws have since been picked to star on TV, in magazine and on billboard ads for brands from Febreze to Quorn and Aldi.

Her perfect pins and flawless feet have also been snapped and filmed for programmes and ads.

Emmerdale fans may recognise Nicki’s long slender legs from the opening credits – as she was cast as the ‘legs that run up the stairs’.

“That was quite a tiring job,” said Nicki.

“There were two leg models on the day, one got to sit at a table in The Woolpack while I volunteered to do the stairs shot!”

While Nicki enjoys the diversity of her unusual job, she is keen to point out it is not always glamorous.

She said: “I recently did a job for an Embarrassing Bodies ad where they painted my toe nails green, stuck hair to my feet and dunked them into a tank of fish!

“You also have to be something of a contortionist to position your limbs in uncomfortable shapes – I can ache for days after a shoot.”

So, surely a hand, foot and leg model must spend a fortune on lotions? Not so.

“Normally I just moisturise and exfoliate a couple of times a week.

“But I do wear gloves to protect my hands when the sun is out, no matter what time of year it is.”




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