The Star’s tribute to the Heroes of Hillsborough

The Hillsborough Disaster 25 Years On

The Hillsborough Disaster 25 Years On

Today, The Star newspaper looks at the Hillsborough Disaster in an entirely new light.

Twenty five years to the day since the catastrophe which claimed 96 lives, we pay our respects to those who perished and to the families who were ripped apart.

But we also look into the largely untold story of the ‘Heroes of Hillsborough.’

We salute the ordinary Sheffielders who fought to save lives, helped the injured and provided emotional and practical support to thousands of shocked Liverpool fans, who had turned up one sunny day in 1989 to watch a football match.

Sheffield has had to live with the shadow of ‘Hillsborough’ for a quarter of a century.

And a fresh series of inquests are under way.

The Star fully supports this independent quest for the truth.

But on the anniversary today we look at those grassroots folk whose stories have never been highlighted in such detail before.

We have:

* Tracked down two young St John Ambulance women who were caught up in the eye of the storm - and find out how it influenced their lives.

* Spoken to hospital staff, former policemen, ambulancemen, pub landlords, telephone engineers and locally-based soccer supporters who were at the FA Cup semi final.

* Asked 25 people in Hillsborough for their memories.

* Examined how their suburb has coped with being associated with such an enormous tragedy, over the years.

Our mission in The Star is to illustrate the positive roles played by well-meaning South Yorkshire men and women.

And it has been commended by Trevor Hicks, the Liverpool fan who lose two daughters on the Leppings Lane terraces.

In this historic edition, Mr Hicks has thanked every Sheffielder who went out of their way to help those in their moments of need.

Star Editor James Mitchinson said: “What we have done today is focus on Sheffielders - we respectfully leave the judicial process to the inquest.

“I stopped all advertisements going in our 25 pages. This is not a topic anyone should try to profiteer from. Today is a day to remember the 96 who died - and those people who did their utmost to save lives.”

* The Star’s 25-pages of Hillsborough anniversary content today does not appear on the web - hence no digital ‘paper’ edition on our web tablet app. This is on legal advice, due to the fear of influencing the inquest jury in Warrington and follows strict guidance from the Attorney General.

Normal service on the web and our tablet app will resume tomorrow.


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