VIDEO: Dog in worst case of neglect is on the mend

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A dog so badly neglected her matted fur caused her to go blind has wagged her tail for the first time since being dumped outside a Sheffield veterinary practice in a cardboard box.

Vet Molly Graham, aged 32, who is looking after the dog, named Princess Peggy by staff, said it was the worst case of neglect she had ever seen.

The elderly poodle-type dog, believed to be between eight and 13 years old, was badly emaciated and extremely sick, and vets had to remove her eyes and 32 of her teeth because they were so rotten.

Molly said: “I have been a qualified vet for nine years – as well as working in different vets for 17 years in total – and I have never, ever, seen a dog that has been neglected so badly.

“It was heartbreaking to look at her in the state she was – every single member of staff was extremely upset by it.”

Peggy was dumped outside Highfield Veterinary Centre on London Road in a cardboard box, with ‘Dog Inside’ written on the front, at about 8am on Monday, April 28.

Molly added: “I just cannot understand why anybody would neglect a dog so severely – it is wrong on every level and there is no excuse for it.

“If only the owner had brought her to the vets sooner, she wouldn’t have had to lose her eyes.”

Molly felt so sorry for Peggy she has even taken the pooch in herself, and has been feeding her a variety of tasty treats to bring her back to health.

“She’s been eating all sorts – cake, eggs, potatoes, and dog food, of course,” she said.

Molly, who lives with three other rescue dogs, husband Russell, 32, and 18-month-old son Fred, said: “She was so subdued after suffering the terrible neglect she did.

“And after having both eyes removed, and 32 of her 42 teeth taken out, she was poorly for a while longer too.

“Now, though, she has wagged her tail for the first time a few days ago, she’s started marking out her territory and exploring for food, so I’m confident she’s on the mend.”

She added: “She will be put up for adoption soon and I have no doubt we will find a loving home for her – she’s a lovely, calm dog that you just want to love.”

Anne Bernabe, 35, who also works at the vets, added: “We were all horrified by what we saw when we opened the box – it was extremely upsetting to see.

“It’s definitely the worst case of neglect any of us have ever witnessed in our entire careers. It’s just unimaginable how anybody could do this to a defenceless, elderly animal.”

Peggy’s treatment was paid for by kind-hearted staff at the veterinary practice.

n The RSPCA are trying to track down the owner who mistreated Peggy.

Call RSPCA Inspector Jennie Ronksley on 0300 1238018.




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