Match abandoned as sent-off player 'returned with machete'

FOOTBALL officials in Sheffield are investigating after an amateur match was abandoned when a player who had been sent off stormed back on to the pitch allegedly wielding a golf club and a machete.

The South Yorkshire Sunday League Cup tie between Mosborough and Royston Village in Barnsley had to be called off in the 80th minute, with Mosborough winning 3-2.

Eye witnesses said a Royston player had been dismissed for a bad tackle early in the second half.

He left the Royston ground, but returned with a golf club and with what some witnesses said was a machete, and began chasing people on the pitch.

The man was restrained by players and officials.

Referee Philip Simpson confirmed the incident, but said he saw the player brandishing only a golf club.

"I just stopped the game straight away and got everyone off the pitch to safety," he said.

A Mosborough FC spokesman said: "What happened now has to be dealt with by the authorities. Having been involved in football for years, I haven't ever seen anything like that.

"It was a great game ruined by an idiot. I feel sorry for Royston because of the consequences it could have."

A Sheffield and Hallamshire County FA spokesman said: "Obviously once we have received the match report from the referee we will have to investigate to find out exactly what happened. We will look at the referee's report and reports from both clubs."

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