Mountain sized mutt Molly faces diet challenge

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ROLY-poly Rottweiler Molly has been put on a diet after her weight ballooned off the scales.

Not so long ago Molly would give her owner the runaround - but this hungry hound now prefers eating to exercise.

As a result she’s been picked to take part in Pet Fit Club, a six-month diet and fitness challenge run by the UK’s leading veterinary charity, PDSA.

The four-year-old mutt-mountain has been chosen as one of 18 finalists to take part in the annual competition after being nominated by her owner Wayne Houlston, 52.

He and his wife, Carol, 58, first brought Molly home as a tiny puppy, but years of too many titbits have finally taken their toll and now they are determined to help their beloved pooch slim down.

Molly currently weighs 65.6kg - almost 10 stone.

She’s also been given a body condition score of five - which means she is morbidly obese.

But things are set to change, as Molly’s specially tailored weight loss programme is being managed by vets and nurses at Sheffield PDSA PetAid hospital.

PDSA Vet, Rob Haselgrowe, from the hospital, said: “Molly is a lovely dog and we’re delighted Wayne is taking on our Fit Club challenge.

“Overweight pets are less mobile, less willing to play, and more likely to develop a number of serious health conditions.

“The good news is it’s never too late to achieve positive change and improve a pet’s lifestyle. We’re confident Molly will have a slim-line figure and new lease of life by the end of the competition.”

Wayne, from Barnsley, said: “Molly is a lovable and placid dog who is great with our grandchildren and they love going for a walk with her.

“But she often struggles because she is so overweight and we want to help her before there is any permanent damage to her health.

“We used to give her a bone-shaped biscuit treat every other day, but she only gets one a week now.

“In the past if we were having a sandwich at night, or if we had any food left over, we would put it in her bowl.

“Her weight has probably been an issue for a while, but we didn’t realise how serious it was until she had problems with her back legs and she couldn’t stand up properly.

“Because she’s such a lovely dog, any time people came round to our house they would give her a treat from the jar. But all that changed when PDSA told us she was so overweight. We cut out the treats straight away and we’re determined to help her lose her excess inches.”

Wayne said Molly was actually very lean when she was younger.

“I once took her for a walk on a field when she was about six months old and let her off her lead,” he said.

“For some reason she would stop every so often, and when I tried to get near her she set off running again. I had to chase her for about three miles at a time!

“I think I’d still be chasing her now if she was fit enough, and it’s that level of energy we hope to get her back to.”