Alan Biggs: Sheffield United have set the standard

Alan Biggs
Alan Biggs

Clubs with far deeper pockets – and squads - would do well to check out Sheffield United’s recent record. Yes Premier League, we’re talking about you.

Somehow you have convinced an unhealthy number of people that the FA Cup has to be sent up in smoke as a necessary sacrifice on the altar of simply surviving in the top flight.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, it really doesn’t. What about the revolutionary idea that playing something approaching your best team in every match might be the way forward?

Why, you might even thrive in BOTH competitions.

Nigel Clough’s men have had a run of seven games in 30 days during which they embraced the FA Cup in three tough matches and still improved their league standing in fighting relegation.

There has to be a message in that for those who insist on mothballing their best players.

Is two games a week really asking too much of professional athletes?

And isn’t the Cup worth winning for its own sake? Most supporters would answer “no” and “yes.”