Favourite Things: City’s hidden treasures make lasting memories

Giz Sangha and her 8 year old daughter Simi at the damhouse overlooking crookesmoor park
Giz Sangha and her 8 year old daughter Simi at the damhouse overlooking crookesmoor park

Giz Sangha is the deputy chief nurse of Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Born in Leicester, she originally trained as a nursery nurse then became an enrolled nurse in mental health, before completing a registered nurse qualification in mental health. She completed a Bachelor of Science with the Open University and, for the last 19 years, has worked in leadership and management roles in the NHS, taking on projects and setting up services. Giz, aged 51, lives in Grenoside with husband Kamaljit, and daughters Kirat and Simi, 19 and eight.

My job in the NHS

I have always worked and cannot imagine a life without nursing. Mental health nursing has taught me so much. I have met some great service users. It’s great when you can make a difference and see people getting better. The organisation I work for has always supported me in my developments and allowed me to grow and influence the roles I have taken on. Work-life balance is very important to me and I have never regretted coming to Sheffield or working in the NHS. The opportunities I have had enabled me to do the things I want to with my family, build a future and enjoy the job I do.


I love the concept of being part of the wider community. Gurdwara (Sikh temple) is open to everyone because in Sikhism everyone is seen as being equal. I grew up with this belief and I have always had a sense of belonging and never feel alone. The Gurdwara on Warren Street in Sheffield gives me a good grounding to base my beliefs and values upon. It’s a great place to be and I enjoy meeting everyone and being part of the cultural community. The atmosphere is always welcoming and if I want to feel better or am upset, that’s where you will find me.

Friends and family

Something I noticed when I first moved to Sheffield was that people are friendly, and always happy to help. I knew I would like it here. Coming from a different cultural background and not knowing the city was a challenge, but I settled in very quickly. I spend the weekends with family - I have two brothers and two sisters, and I am the middle one. Some of my friends have different careers to mine and we enjoy putting the world to right from different perspectives. But despite this we share common themes that bring us together - eating nice food, walking in the park and spending quality time with our children.

Walking in

Greno Woods

It is true you don’t have to go far to be in the countryside in Sheffield. I love walking in the woods and when it snows the views are wonderful. It’s a good place to go, have a relaxing walk and reflect. The trees look great with the sun coming through their branches and it’s really peaceful. My daughter Simi loves cycling, which means no car is required and it is so good for us both to spend time together outdoors in a natural environment.

Dam House Bar

and Restaurant

When I first moved to Sheffield, I went to a wedding in this venue - it seemed hidden away at the back of Weston Park Museum. Looking over into Crookes Valley Park, people were having picnics and children playing in the playground. It was a warm, sunny day and I remember sitting outside with friends and family. Dressed in our colourful Indian regalia, we watched the slowly drifting waters and ducks lazily dotted around. I never knew such beautiful things existed in Sheffield, so close to the city centre. I still go there and feel like I am on holiday - it’s quite relaxing. Try the succulent 8oz local beef burger served on a toasted brioche bun topped with chargrilled bacon, a freshly made onion ring and oozing with melted cheese – plus the very best handcut, sea-salted chips, which I love!


Like all girls I love shopping. It’s like walking into a sweet shop and no, I can’t resist a bargain or two. I often wonder how I survived when I first moved here before I discovered it. The excitement of shoe shops, as well as clothes to suit all price ranges, is very appealing. Of course, the Oasis food court is fantastic. If I had to pick, Carluccio’s is probably my all-time favourite.

Architecture and City Centre sights

I love the Winter Garden, the ‘Cheese Grater’ car park and the Town Hall buildings. It’s a great place to walk, near the Cathedral, following the tram lines and back up towards the Peace Gardens. The buildings have great colour formations, linking modern designs and past heritage together really well. Arriving at the train station is most welcoming since it was upgraded and St Paul’s Tower for lovely scenery and restaurants is a must.