Favourite Things: Sandra’s Sheffield life charts changes along The Moor

Sandra Barley, Retail Liaison Manager for The Moor, outside the Moor Market building
Sandra Barley, Retail Liaison Manager for The Moor, outside the Moor Market building

Sandra Barley is the retail liaison manager for The Moor. She was born in Stoke-on-Trent and moved to Sheffield in 1986 through her husband’s work.


I love the atmosphere at this restaurant, it is a family run business and you certainly receive a warm welcome, enough to make you feel part of the family. I really like the attention to detail and that nothing is too much trouble. Obviously the food is wonderful, I love Italian food. My only problem is deciding which dish to choose!

Lyceum Theatre

This is a favourite night out, a real treat to visit this gorgeous building with the anticipation of a great production. I really like the buzz of anticipation in the bar area before the performance begins and usually seeing someone I know and have not seen for a while. It is always an occasion to visit. How lucky are we to have two such fabulous theatres with wonderful performances on our doorstep?

Parks and public places

I’ve spent many fun afternoons in Graves, Endcliffe and Millhouses Parks when my daughter was younger.

Now I get the opportunity to do it all again with my beautiful granddaughter, Elise. I’ve now found the park at Rivelin (not too far from me) so I think Elise and I need to do some exploring and I guess there will be ice creams involved! The Botanical Gardens is a delightful space, I often meet friends there on a Sunday morning for coffee a little saunter around and just watching the world go by.


I love going to the Showroom Cinema and the very retro building. The diversity of people using the space is really appealing. Obviously the convenience and offering of food and drink also has some bearing! I recently visited The Curzon cinema, what a lovely experience; I’m looking forward to the warmer weather to have a drink on the roof terrace. However, I can’t wait until The Light cinema opens on The Moor. In addition to putting on great films in great surroundings, their view is to work with the community to host extra events and I think this will work very well.

The Moor

I absolutely love my job and the freedom I have been given to do it. I have got to know all the retailers and we have our own little community. It is so rewarding to see the improvements that have been made over the years and we are about to enter the most exciting phase. The public realm looks really good, with twinkly lights in the trees and lovely benches. We have hosted some great events over the past 10 years and I look forward to arranging many more. My favourite has to be ‘Classics on The Moor’. Anyone with a fabulous classic vehicle that would like to join us for the ninth event this year on August 2, I would love to hear from you. It is always a wonderful day out for families and this year will be no exception - great classic vehicles, live music (back by popular demand), children’s activities and wonderful shopping.

Lodge Moor 

Where I am fortunate to live (not everyone’s cup of tea I know; especially in winter) but there are some beautiful countryside and lovely walks not to mention two very traditional pubs on the doorstep. The scenery from my lounge window is stunning both in summer and winter. A little further afield Ladybower and Derwent. A great example of why Sheffield it the perfect place to live - vibrant city centre and just a few miles away wonderful countryside.


Obviously Chatsworth at Christmas is a favourite. We have visited the house during the Christmas period for the past two years. They decorate it so well. My favourite is to drive up to the house at dusk and see it lit up in all its splendour. However, the Peace Gardens, with the lights in the trees, look so beautiful in the evening and when I see all the tree lights working on The Moor it makes me very happy!