Owls fan’s view: Signings needed if we’re to stay up

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They say that the first week back after Xmas and New Year is emotionally difficult, writes Steve Walmsley.

Well, there’s been a poor draw at Macclesfield, RoJo goes to West Ham, Holloway goes to Millwall, Wickham is courted by Forest, Stuart Gray hasn’t had the nod or otherwise from MM, and MM confirms to Wednesdayite that the business model he’s been running at S6 doesn’t add up.

It’s not been the best of weeks for us so far, has it?

It is clear that to have a chance of staying up we need to strengthen in central defence, central midfield and up front - a tall order at this time of year.

But January is an opportunity to have a go, so some action needs to be taken to give us a chance. Unless MM has a rapid-fire sale to a new owner lined up ( his visit this week out of the country?) he has to appoint Gray/Bully to do the job and back them, or he has to appoint another manager quickly and back that man - the dithering needs to stop.

We are tired of hearing MM talk to us about ambitions for the club when the evidence before our eyes does not resemble it.

If we can’t take action to try to save our season and we have to limp along because we can’t afford to do anything else, then be honest with us and tell us why, let’s see the real financial picture at the club. What we are experiencing is not good enough MM, so sort it out, please.

While all that has been happening, or not happening, we have had to prepare for the visit of Dirty L**ds to our fair city - sending them back up the M1 with a defeat would cheer us all up considerably.