Options for road changes in suburb

RESIDENTS in Broomhill were being consulted this week over plans to make it easier to cross the road in the busy shopping centre.

Two options have been drawn up for the benefit of pedestrians around the junction of Whitham Road and Fulwood Road with Crookes Road, both including a new crossing on Fulwood Road, next to the seating area.

The drawback would be vehicles having to wait longer at the traffic lights but after completing a computer simulation, the council believes both options could strike a balance between helping pedestrians while having a limited effect on traffic.

The first involves banning left turns from Fulwood Road into Crookes Road, with traffic travelling to Crookes diverted up Taptonville Road, on to the narrow section of Hallamgate Road and across the bottom of Lydgate Lane to Crookes Road.

Option two would create a sliproad from Fulwood Road for traffic turning left into Crookes Road but would entail losing two parking spaces from the shopping parade. A central pedestrian island would be installed and the public seating area would be moved. Both options would include a right turn signal for traffic turning right from Whitham Road into Crookes.

A consensus among members of the executive of Broomhill Forum, an umbrella group for local community groups, has indicated a preference for the second option but final judgement is being reserved until more views are known. A consultation event was held at Broomhill Methodist Church in Fulwood Road on Monday.

The consultation period is being extended into next month, with more leaflets being delivered. Meanwhile the Central Community Assembly is asking for views on how to improve the Fulwood Road shopping parade.