Organisers ‘committed’ to future of Tramlines

News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.
News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.

Organisers of Tramlines say they are ‘committed’ to continuing the festival as the full reaction is gauged to charging for tickets for the first time.

Tens of thousands of music fans are expected to descend on Sheffield city centre this weekend for the festival, which takes over scores of venues for gigs and artistic events.

Tramlines director Sarah Nulty, said ticket sales had been healthy, but it is hoped the majority of sales will take place during the festival itself.

“Sales-wise, things are going well, we’ve sold out of the early bird weekend tickets and day passes are selling fast,” said Sarah.

“The majority of sales will take place at the weekend with people paying on the door at core venues.

“The majority of Tramliners have been fine, of course there’s been a few grumbles along the way but that’s inevitable, nothing major. I think people get it, they understand what we need to do to keep Tramlines and they support us.

“Of course we are committed to continuing. The festival changes a little bit each year as it grows and evolves, and we’ll continue to change - but only for the better.”

The festival - now in its fifth year - was formerly free, but a day ticket charge of £6, or weekend fee of £15, has been introduced for the main stage on Devonshire Green and some venues. The move was partly blamed on the loss of big sponsor Nokia.

“Each day that we get closer to the festival weekend you can feel the adrenaline increasing,” said Sarah.

“We’re all pretty relaxed, but everyone is definitely busy. It seems to get more manic day by day but it is definitely nervous excitement.”